Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where is Bob?

Where is Bob? Tales of an Absentee Manager may be a spoof, but it is well-written and amusing. A sample:

Last week, Bob’s absenteeism morphed from all-day getaways due to illness, family issues, or the classic “waiting for the UPS man,” into half days of alarm malfunctions and train delays. Bob would show up for work at around 12:30pm, bleary eyed and scruffy, dark circles under his eyes. He would mumble something incomprehensible about how he needs to purchase a new alarm clock. He would then proceed to lock himself in his office with a liter of Mountain Dew. His wardrobe also changed. Crisp designer suits (his not-so-subtle way of crushing our relaxed and groovy university vibe) were replaced by torn jeans and faded Rod Stewart t-shirts, which offended even our low standards for professional attire. Morbid fascination soon turned to genuine concern (we are not terrible people, after all) and frequent speculation about Bob’s late night whereabouts.

[HT: Neatorama ]


Pete LaVerghetta said...

You really believe that this is for real and not some viral campaign? She even asked for a book deal. This is just bad writing.

Michael Wade said...


On a second look and with more sober reflection, you might be right. Thanks!

Unknown said...

i think its for The Office spinoff personally.