Friday, August 22, 2008

(Corrected Title) Highly Challenging, Highly Supportive

Tom Peters and Robert Waterman found that excellent corporations are highly challenging and highly supportive. Those employers demand a lot, but also develop their employees and back them up.

This contains a related lesson: If your workplace is highly challenging, it had better also be highly supportive or people will leave in droves.

Look at jobs where employees have to deal with extraordinary stress and yet emerge with high morale. Often, you'll find very tight teams that have pulled together because of the certain knowledge that the alternative is to get picked off one by one.

Wise organizations consciously create and cultivate that team spirit. They don't leave it to chance.

Some of the worst workplaces completely miss the highly supportive element and don't even attempt to create team cohesion. In those sad environments, every employee is a free-lancer (at least in attitude) and management is a collection of inspectors-general.

Their resemblance to a team is the same as a street mob's resemblance to an army.


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