Monday, August 18, 2008

Upper Management May Think You're an Idiot

Upper management may think you're an idiot if:
  • They conclude that years of morale and team problems can be solved by having a prominent motivational speaker deliver a one-hour speech to your group.
  • They believe that most employee relations problems are promptly reported to Human Resources.
  • They think that people didn't notice how quickly the chief executive officer exited after declaring the mandatory training is "extremely important for all of us."
  • They cite having a "Mexican Platter Day" in the company cafeteria as a sign of the organization's diversity program.
  • They permit a level of incompetence in human resources issues that would never be accepted in other disciplines.
  • They require greater scrutiny for the hiring of a secretary than for the recruitment of an executive.
  • They speak eloquently of how employees are the most important asset, but tolerate abusive managers whose numbers are good.

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