Sunday, August 31, 2008

Political Buttons and Bumper Stickers

For many years, I collected campaign buttons from all parties. In the course of that process, bumper stickers and slogans would cross my desk. Among them:

  • Gay Whales Against Racism
  • AuH2O in '64 [Goldwater]
  • Vote Buddhist
  • Better a Third Termer Than a Third Rater [FDR's third term]
  • Vote for the Crook [Edwin Edwards versus David Duke]
  • No Dukes [Another anti-Duke slogan]

Any other memorable ones?


Anonymous said...

The Edwards-Duke bumper sticker I saw a picture of was:
Vote for the Crook
It's Important

Michael Wade said...


I like that added emphasis.

Anonymous said...

May I add three from my collection

Don't vote, it will only encourage them.

We're the government. We don't care. We don't have to.

You have to be old enough for this last one

Impeach the Coxsacker

Michael Wade said...


I remember that last one!

Of course, the Nixon years were filled with bumper stickers.

Some others I remembered after posting:

No Third Termites! [Anti-FDR slogan]

And one slogan used in a sheriff's race: "Burr: For Pest Control"