Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Stanley Bing on what four dollar-plus gas is doing to Los Angeles:

I rented a car at LAX and took the 10 into town. It was clear sailing the whole way. Yesterday, I went to the office and it took me ten minutes. There was a minor hangup at one traffic light. And then, this morning, I made a trip that used to take me an hour… in eight minutes. It was creepy. It was like the early scenes in an apocalyptic movie. The fluid road stretched out before me, and my rented Avalon cut through it like a hot shark through the overly warm Pacific. And now I’m here, with time to kill.

I've noticed a similar reduction in traffic in Phoenix. More bus riders. More scooters. A lot more telecommuting. The accountant in the office next door comes in on a Segway a few days a week.


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