Monday, June 16, 2008

Waiting to be Appointed

I believe it was David Maraniss who wrote about Boomers who would dearly love to be appointed to the U.S. Senate but are unwilling to dedicate the time needed to get elected to that body.

So it goes with many positions. We would love to be dropped via helicopter into the status and the power. If that feat were performed many of us would serve capably. It is the process that is repellant. As Oscar Wilde said of socialism, it would take too many evenings.

Nelson Rockefeller prepared for the presidency by studying issues. Richard Nixon both studied the issues and spent time listening to precinct captains in Iowa. You know which one got his party's nomination.

Gaining appointments is no easier. True, there are some who luck into certain slots but your usual appointee did more than submit a letter of interest. Hidden behind many appointments is an intensive campaign of persuasion. Sammy Glick has an advantage over Mr. Smith because Sammy's dedicated to promoting himself.

This may not be pretty but it is all too real. Whenever you admire the merchandise, be sure to check the price tag.

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