Sunday, June 22, 2008

Racial Attitudes

Writing in Commentary, Linda Chavez calls for an honest conversation about race. An excerpt:

A single statistic tells the tale. As against the 10 percent or fewer of American whites who hold negative views of blacks, the same mid-1990’s survey of intergroup attitudes cited above registered over three-quarters of blacks holding negative views of whites. To be sure, not all studies report such negative findings; nor do pollsters try, at least directly, to measure black attitudes toward whites as frequently as they do the reverse. But the handful of surveys that have indirectly probed black attitudes reveals a depressing and, as we shall see, indicative pattern.

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Mitch said...

Well, maybe with the study that came out yesterday a real discussion will start to take place. However, I doubt it; neither side is really ready for it, unfortunately, and this study indicates that pretty well.