Sunday, June 15, 2008

Finding a Pace

A daily challenge is to find a pace when our normal, and not undesirable, pattern is to work in spurts.

A pace implies an even flow but that is not how our days go. We focus and produce and then do otherwise. The latter is not necessarily goofing off; it is simply doing otherwise, taking our minds off of the activity in order to restore them or to muster whatever is needed to focus once again.

We seek an even speed while applying the brake at certain points. We schedule our work hours when it might be wiser to set our non-work periods. That could well be more accurate.

Perhaps work is not something we escape from, but something we escape to.


Anonymous said...

Facinating topic. Please develop these insights further.

Michael Wade said...


Will do. I'm thinking about this and will be back on the topic.