Monday, June 09, 2008

Daily Aarghs

Some frustrations that will be familiar to those of you who are in business:

  • Charge less and many will think your product is lousy.

  • Charge more and others will think you're too expensive.

  • Charge a lot and a surprising number will believe you're great.

  • Rapidly deliver high quality and many will appreciate it.

  • Rapidly deliver high quality and others will assume the job must not have been very difficult.

  • Defer to the wishes of your managers and you'll drive the lawyers nuts.

  • Defer to the wishes of your lawyers and you'll drive the managers nuts.

  • Manage autocratically and you'll get few complaints.

  • Manage collegially and you'll get a lot of complaints.

  • Give leeway to some employees and they'll appreciate the freedom and your vote of confidence.

  • Give leeway to other employees and they'll fear the freedom and long for strict boundaries.

  • Keep close to some customers and they'll enjoy your guidance and concern.

  • Keep close to other customers and they'll suspect you're just trying to land another project.


Eclecticity said...

So that't how you spell Aarghs. Appreciate the tip!

Michael Wade said...

I am a river to my readers.

Anonymous said...

Your comment on pricing reminds me of Akerlof's famous article "The Market for Lemons". It is very interesting how different people perceive price to indicate something intrinsic about the product.

Michael Wade said...


Very good point. Sometimes it's hard to know if the price means it is a lemon, a plum or a lemon disguised as a plum.