Saturday, June 21, 2008

Conflicting Traits

Is it possible to suffer from impatience and procrastination?

Speaking strictly from personal experience I can assure you that it is. I combine massive impatience with sizable amounts of sloth. They wrestle like bear cubs on the field of my nature until one eventually pins the other.

Each brings its benefits and that fact may explain why so many of us are not simply one theme, one approach, one strategy, but many. Think of yourself or your own circle of friends and associates. Have you not witnessed:

Sarcasm and kindness?

Sensitivity and cruelty?

Openmindedness and intolerance?

Creativity and rigidity?

Passion and indifference?

And, of course, the old duo of intelligence and stupidity.

Perhaps these combinations serve as safety switches to prevent the excesses of any single trait. At least I hope so.

That sounds so much better than acknowledging that perhaps we're just strange.

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