Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ethics on Campus

Noted employment attorney John Phillips examines an ethics scandal at West Virginia University. An excerpt:

A scandal began brewing at WVU when the daughter of the Governor of West Virginia ( a former classmate of the WVU president) was retroactively given an MBA after the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that WVU had no record of the degree claimed on the daughter’s resume. The daughter complained to the president, who assigned a review of the matter to college administrators. They eventually granted the degree, after giving the Governor’s daughter credit for classes she didn’t take.

The plot thickens and John notes the ethically challenged nature of universities.


Michael L. Gooch, SPHR said...

universities are ethically challenged but then again, most of our organizations (profit and non-profit) in the USA are sliding down this slippery slope.For me, ethics in the workplace including schools are varying shades of gray. You have to rely on moral law, that is, does it ‘feel’ wrong? It’s easy to say, “There is right, and there is wrong.” In my management book, Wingtips with Spurs, I address these issues in detail. All major corporations have their written code of conduct. Each one is pretty much just a copy of the others and is a major dust bunny. The next time you walk into someone’s office, ask to see the company code of conduct. Good luck on finding someone who will produce it within five minutes. The moral law is much easier to find and digest. It resides in each of us. Michael L. Gooch, SPHR Author of Wingtips with Spurs: Cowboy Wisdom for Today’s Business Leaders

Michael Wade said...


Thanks for your comments and for the information on your book. I love the dust bunny description! You're right on target.