Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Get ready for We're probably going to be seeing a lot more sites like this.


Eclecticity said...

I wonder if something like this will get the POWERS THAT BE in many unhealthy corporate environments begin to "care" and "change" for no other reason than to avoid the negative publicity.

Whatever works, I'd say.

Lots of room for downright falsehoods from disgruntled knuckleheads though.

Michael Wade said...

You're right. It has enormous troll appeal.

Anonymous said...

there are many sites already on this concept,
its amazing the spin and hype this non-original site has received.
check out
and others, these sites don't require emails, registration or log in, and are totally anonymous. they just let you vent your frustration. give them a try.
oh yea, there's a new coffee shop down the street, get the word out...