Thursday, June 12, 2008

Miscellaneous and Fast

A novel a week and 10,000 women: the work of mystery writer George Simenon. [HT: Arts & Letters Daily]

Eclecticity reminds me that I need to raise my training fees.

Ed Driscoll quotes
an expert on unfair campaign coverage.

Rowan Manahan and some guy named Peters
on personal branding.

A twist on the Johnny Appleseed concept,
only this time with a bike. [HT: Guy Kawasaki ]

It's a grand time to be in the car business: Bob Nardelli talks about Chrysler.

Cultural Offering points us to
the ten most worthless college degrees. [I like English Lit and Philosophy!]

Rip Torn
gets a bum rap.

Liz Wolgemuth on how to be indispensible to Steven Spielberg.

Daniel Henninger looks at who is drilling for oil...and who isn't.

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Eclecticity said...

Some PR person (from a firm, no doubt) is giving Mr. Nardelli some really good advice: "Sir, based upon our research it would appear that you are known as one son-of-a-bitch / a**hole. Let's try the "I have a heart" approach and say that you "care" - even for your employees. Every interview, at least once."

"We'll run the numbers again in a few months and see if it's working."