Monday, August 11, 2008

The Battle of the Shape-Shifters

We fight a daily battle between gaining the added perspective of multiple sources of information and being distracted by those same sources from the focus needed to address our priorities.

This is the war between two or more Goods. It is a challenge because these Goods resemble creatures from science fiction or fantasy novels: shape-shifters. The Good that was indeed worthy two hours ago has now turned into a Bad; a destructive, time-destroying creature.

To counter this we have to get beyond regarding items as either/or nor can we label tasks as always Good or Bad.

We instead need to engage in frequent reassessments of their status. What is most important now? Which Good has become a Bad? Which Bad has reverted to Good status?

Some guidelines:

Any Good taken to an extreme becomes a Bad.

Some Bads never become Goods.

Good intentions do not equal a Good.

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