Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Help Wanted: Henchmen

Andrew Sullivan has pointed out an interesting craigslist ad in London. An excerpt:

20-30 henchmen needed for moderately-sized supervillain organisation with large expansion potential (fortresses built into geological structures, corruption of government officials, possible genesis of 'nemesis' vigilante). Electrical theme. Applicants must be willing to learn new skills, including but not limited to operation of specialised 'lightning guns'. Applicants will also be required to wear specialised uniform when at work (functional rubber suits with my logo on front), except in cases where deception is required (posing as hostages in order to ambush vigilantes, etc).

Desired (but not necessarily required) in applicants:
-interesting deformations/obsessions/powers(?) giving rise to interesting nicknames (e.g. Claws, Pyro, Buzzsaw, and similar)
-unwavering loyalty
-being a corruptible government official
-ability to work as part of a close-knit team (unless interesting obsession is of the 'lone wolf' variety)
-grudge against any well-known vigilante
-flexible moral code


DarkoV said...

I like how the "Dress Policy" was immediately addressed in this ad. Gawd! How much time will be saved by having identical rubber suits. It's bad enough having dress policy discussions but throwing in "lightning guns" into the discussion really would muck things up.

Michael Wade said...


Good point. It certainly beats polo shirts. I wonder if there is a rubber suit allowance.